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If you're feeling achy or just generally out of shape, you may want to turn your attention to your core. The body's core isn't just the abdominal muscle, as many believe. The side obliques and large back muscles are also part of the core.

"People who rely on ab workouts alone miss strengthening some very key muscles," says Wendell Liemohn, Ph.D., a professor at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville and author of "Exercise Prescription and the Back." He says a strong core is your ally in protecting your back from all-too-common aches and maintaining alignment in your limbs.

Here are some good core exercises to get you started. If you work out in the morning, make sure to do a longer warm-up (about 15 minutes) to help disperse fluid that builds up in your disks overnight. Or wait until later in the day to try these moves.


A healthy balanced diet is of extreme importance in keeping up health and fitness which in turn leads to self improvement. And along with all of us you have probably heard this many times in your life. However, how many of us understand the actual importance of this and integrate a diet into our daily routine wherein we’re eating properly?

Even while we’re trying hard we’re unable to catch on to the right eating habits. This may be because we don’t know how to eat correctly or we’re not putting enough effort in the proper direction. A few of us are going wrong because we can’t master our mind or hear to warning signals. And then, a few of us are going wrong because we’re not witnessing the results of our attempts thus leading to depression and bigger incorrect eating habits.

Therefore, how does one eat correctly and carry off living a life of beneficial health and physical fitness?


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